Honed Tube
The offered Honed Tubes are designed by our company in different specification to fulfill mechanical and industrial requirements. These are strong, perfectly shaped, and cost-effective for countless applications.
Hard Chrome Plated Rod
The provided Hard Chrome Plated Rods are massively used in the construction, automotive, and mechanical industries for numerous purposes. These are polished and plated with hard chrome for elongated life-span.
Hydraulic Cylinder
VRAJ HYDRAULICS is supplying Hydraulic Cylinders that are used in machines and other areas for numerous features. These cylinders have perfect dimensions that allow streamlined, fast, and easy installation.
Hard Chrome Plated Roll
The offered Industrial Hard Chrome Plated Roller is composed of A-grade tempered steel alloy. It is also coated with chrome material to amplify the functionality and longevity features.
hydraulic press
The provided Hydraulic press is mainly used to bend, shape, and form metals of all kinds. It has heavy hydraulic components that are operated with integrated and superior grade engine.
hydraulic lift
Our Hydraulic lift is basically used to lift heavy materials such as concrete, slabs, rods, and much more. It is integrated with a motor that can be controlled by buttons.
Piston Rods
Vraj Hydraulic provides your with best in class Piston Rods that are made up as per the production standards by using advanced technologies which results excellent structural accuracy and smoother surface finish that make the suitable for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders.
Chrome Plated Rod
Our company offers best quality industrial grade Chrome Plated Rod that are mainly used for the manufacturing of wide range of machine elements in heavy duty machineries to deliver mechanical and hydraulic power from the drive to driven unit.
SS Hard Chrome Bar
SS Hard Chrome Barare highly finished solid bars that are made up of premium class stainless steel which results in excellent wearing and corrosion resistance. These components can be used for the fabrication of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder shaft, rotors and other machine elements.

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